When I slow down long enough to reflect on the road that brought me here today I am certain of a few things. I am the chef and co-founder of the food brand Montana Mex, a motivational speaker, outdoor enthusiast and athlete from southwest Montana.  I have been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively which has fueled my passion for food and life a hundred times over.  My adventures at home or abroad always revolve around anything and everything to do with exceptional tasting food, most of the time being cooked outside over a hot bed of coals.  At the heart of these tasty bites I have found my connection with this world.  It lies within the people, the places and the stories, this is what I find calling me back time after time.

Cooking found me early in life.  I cut my teeth at the age of 15 hustling over hot pans, flipping Burgers and throwing Pizzas.  I found my rhythm in the fast paced city kitchens of Seattle, WA. while attending culinary school.  I know this sounds overly romantic but truly I fell in love with my craft and became a Chef out on the high seas. I traveled the world as a private chef on luxury yachts and quite simply spent a decade flavor hunting for exceptional food experiences.  It was during this time that I began inviting others into the kitchen to play and cook with me. I was able to witness pure joy in others as we created food and life together.  This incubator became my lab and it was here that I had my light bulb moment; a meal is more than just what we eat but an integral part of what builds culture and brings people together.

Inspired by my experiences abroad and my interest in no longer sleeping in a tiny bed below decks I moved back to Montana and rallied with a few very committed individuals and co founded the food brand Montana Mex.   I am known as the Montana Mex ‘Emperor of Flavor’ and it is my pleasure and opportunity to create Mexican inspired products jam-packed with flavor and goodness, yes that means no colorings, no chemicals, basically nothing Mom would disapprove of.

Montana Mex at its core is about helping others and I couldn’t be more proud that it even exists today.  Shortly after founding the company I suffered a tragic incident that left me fighting for my life in the middle of the Montana wilderness.  Undoubtedly a crux point in my life and what has become my trajectory moving forward.  This event wasn’t a setback, it was a kick in the ass.  Life is too short to settle for lukewarm.  No more words needed, simply watch the teaser for the documentary about it HERE

When I am not on the road in support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation or public speaking in the hope of inspiring others I spend my remaining free time at home.  Walking in the woods, sharing with my family, tending to my chickens, showering ridiculous amounts of attention on my cat “Bing” or tending to a hot bed of coals and cooking for others…